Senior golfers are finally realizing it might be their lower level of fitness that's keeping them from a better golf swing. As we age, the body loses both strength and flexibility, and that is a bad equation for seniors who golf. The result is a below average driving distance, as well as an inefficient swing that can't keep the ball straight. One option is a DVD that allows you to do your exercises and stretches right in the convenience of your home.DVD Must Be Plug-N-PlayOne thing I can't stand is when you get an instructional DVD that does not take you through an entire program, but instead has it in pieces. What I mean, is if you're looking for a golf fitness program let's say...I would want one that takes me through the entire workout, from start to finish. Not one that may show each exercise, but separately in not in a workout format.A fitness DVD for golfers should be designed to have the trainer, take you right through the entire workout as if he/she was right there training you. For more information,go to golf fitness orange county

It's the next best thing to hiring a golf trainer, but at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience (travel, etc.).Must Have Both Stretching And Strength TrainingA proper video for fitness and golf is one that covers both stretching and strength training, as the swing requires both to maximize driving distance and accuracy. I've seen many products on the market that only cover one of these, and that is a big mistake. Being strong is great, but without flexibility, you will not be able to make a full, tension-free golf swing. And on the other side, if you are flexible but not strong, you will have no protection from over-swinging, and you'll most likely strain tendons and ligaments, and have no power.Slow Progression For Senior GolfersOne big mistake I see with trainers is doing programs that are too difficult for senior golfers just starting to exercise. This can cause a massive amount of soreness, which directly affects performance. Instead, a DVD should start out easy, to build up a foundation of fitness, to then move on to more challenging, golf-specific exercises and stretches. This in my opinion is one of the biggest issues with most fitness DVD's for golfers.I hope I've armed with enough knowledge to make an informed decision on a golf fitness DVD. If you want to learn more,please click!